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bis man den Mensch trifft

...a Tanzfonds Erbe Berlin (Foundation), Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau and HZT Co-production Project, performed in Bauhaus Dessau, Uferstudios Berlin and Projekttheater, Tanzwoche Dresden. 

World of silent, displaced nature / Artificial aesthetic and order / What kind of body develops when the possibilities of communication, as we know them, begin to lose their reason of being? If life has an original essence, how to return to it?

Time. The time that stands still, the time of silence. The gray velocity, the damn gray speed confuses us and blinds our hearts. Slowly turn back, walk backwards, stay back and maybe the world will become aware of the daily fight against the gray. 

Desierto de sillas_ (Desert of chairs) is a live collaborative improvisation performance that creates a high aesthetic experience. It is an art work centred on body intensity in which movement, electronic sound, light intervention and the public interact together.

desierto de sillas
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