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Time. The time that stands still, the time of silence.

Gray. The daily battle against the gray. The non-color that conceals without emotions, the color that leaves us dumb, dull and baffled. The gray velocity, the damn gray speed confuses us and blinds our hearts. To focus on only one point is blindness. Slowly turn back, walk backwards, stay back and maybe the world will become aware of the daily fight against the gray. The gray produces gray people, people that appear around us from time to time, or every day, or constantly, everywhere, no matter where you look. The gray people are those who no longer look directly into other's eyes, who do not see, who do not watch, who do not comprehend anything. Fighting against the quotidian gray, against the grayness of the gray people. Time stealing, time saving, fast, just fast walking. Then, perhaps: breathe deeply, stand still, listen, move slowly, and no longer fear the silence — defeat the gray with the dance.

A piece of perception and struggle, inspired by the gray gentlemen of Michael Ende.


Concept and Choreographie: Karina Suárez Bosche

Performance: Daniela Fuentes Marín, Bernhard Richarz, Carolina Bavio, Thea Faerden Bringsvaerd

Sound And Performance: Yunpei Wu

Set Design: Cheng Ting Chen

Light design: Catalina Fernández

Costum: Vera Römer

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